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Embrace YourSelf


Fashionable, Clothes, Footwear, Accessories are of no use until your do not know how to carry it. You can carry anything you wear only when you are self- confident. During my styling career, I have seen so many perfectly fine young women, feeling so insecure about their looks, just because they do not have flat tummies or have a little body fat here and there. Being a stylist, I can tell you with my personal experience that no designer clothes or accessories are going to work for you if you are not ok with your own body type or skin color.

Girls!!!!! Time to give yourself a wake-up call.

We are not actresses, we are not Victoria secret models. Stop being so harsh on yourself.  We are real women working day and night towards our ambitions. So what if we gain a little weight in the process, so what if our skin has pigmentations, or have a little dark circles under your eyes. Trust me, just be yourself, love your body and skin and start to see the miracles happening. So the first step is to love your body and then comes the next step of decorating your beautiful self with perfect clothes, accessories, and shoes, which we are obviously here for.


I hope now you understand that to be a fashionista, the first step is to be positive and love yourself. For the next step, stay tuned and wait for my second blog.

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